Syllabs API


Syllabs develops advanced technologies for semantic analysis of text content. Syllabs API Overview

These technologies are now made available on the web through the Syllabs API.

Using the Syllabs API, you can harness the power of our semantic analysis platform in your own web site or application.


We're starting with the following key features, and we'll be adding more.

Language detection
The API can automatically identify the language and encoding of your text.
Information extraction
The API can extract key terms and "named entities" (people, places...) from your text, that you can use to add semantic tags to your content.
Related keywords
Starting with one or more terms, the API can generate a set of related keywords, that you can use to link to similar topics.

Supported languages

Please refer to the documentation for the complete list of supported languages for each API feature.

We're constantly adding support for more languages, so let us know which ones are the most important to you, so that we can prioritize our developments to best fit your needs!

Custom modules

In addition to the standard features, we can also develop custom modules for our customers to cover specific needs. These custom modules can then be deployed and hosted as private APIs on our platform.

Please contact us for any enquiries regarding our consulting services.